Sunday, June 21, 2009

Studio Urban Emergencies Exhibition and Symposium

The studio Urban Emergencies, consisting of 18 Architecture Master students, presented their work in an exhibition and symposium. The exhibition opened on June 30th 2009 in the new Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology. The symposium took place on July 2nd 2009, where the students presented their research to a number of professionals from various fields (NGOs, academics, UNOs, and architects). A discussion between the different experts and the students followed regarding their explorations.

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The exhibition and symposium were well advertised throughout the faculty, university and professional world through different media ranging from websites to clothing.

catchy promotion.

The Urban Emergencies studio managed to host their exhibition and symposium in the new east wing studio space. The work was exhibited in 6 different pavilions, one per country. The common themes were displayed on panels.

21 panels wooden pavilions courtesy of FLAT architects.

The presentations of Ghana, Philippines, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Indonesia, and Venezuela were held inside the orange tribune.

Urban Emergencies banner.

The Bangladesh presentation.

The presentations were followed by a round table discussion.

Alexander Vollebregt, coordinator of Urban Emergencies.

Chris de Vries, student assistant and Diego Sepulveda, urban planner.

James Kennedy, Henk Meijerink and Tom Corsellis.

The following panels were exhibited in the Bangla pavilion:

Section through the salt fields of Cox's Bazar.

Section through the harbour city of Chittagong.

Section through the river delta of Barisal.

Section through the resort town of Kuakata.